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Now you can be confident, self-assured and go for it

What impact is your confidence having on your career and your life as a whole?
Would you like to learn how to raise your confidence so it has a positive impact?
Stop feeling afraid of presenting
You can step up to speak in meetings or in public
Stop holding yourself back
You can negotiate your promotion, pay rise or that new role
Stop avoiding difficult conversations and feedback
You can handle them
Stop feeling so stressed at work
You can manage all the change in your organisation
Stop feeling anxious or worrying that someone will ‘find you out’
You can be confident in your abilities and competence
You can be confident about being you

by using the proven and powerful process you learn in the

Confidence for Professional Women
Tues 20th or Sun 25th September - Full interactive day
plus 5 week live online programme

Melville Castle, Edinburgh, EH18 1AP

40% discounted investment is just £278.64 including VAT book by 14th September

Includes lunch, refreshments and all materials

Because we are working at a in-depth level, there’s only 12 places and several are already taken.

Give yourself the priceless gift of Confidence - it has the power to transform your life and your career

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Confidence for Professional Women

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PS - After our last Confidence for Professional Women programme, one of the participants told me "This has inspired me and given me courage and confidence to talk with my manager about a pay rise and promotion." She got other new opportunities too. Other times, confidence has a more subtle influence. One client told me "Before, I was the person who hung about at the back at networking, with my eyes glued to the floor. Now I feel good about myself, look people in the eye, and am confident to put forward my ideas. In meetings with senior managers I now hold my head up, have confidence to speak up about the way I think we should do it, and know that if I am wrong I will learn. I now have belief in the answers I do have and don't feel I need to have all the answers. I've recognised I was doing everything for everybody and now I am better at saying no in a nice way and changing expectations. I'm better at prioritising, my work-life balance has changed and I walk with more purpose. This was not just a programme, it's been a life changing experience."

PPS - Don't let low confidence hold you back. Even more important, don't let your belief that you can't afford it hold you back either. Think about it as an investment in you which will return many times the financial value over your future career. Many people tend to put investing in tangilble things like holidays and clothes as more important to bolster feeling good about themselves. Yet being confident has the power to transform your life (and future income!), which is why I believe it is so worthwhile to invest in yourself to grow your authentic, healthy confidence. My purpose is about inspiring people and organisations to change their world for the better, which is why I'm putting this programme on at a much lower rate than it should be (even before the discount) so it can be more accessible. It is a fraction of what you might typically spend on a holiday, yet a holiday won't have the power to transform your whole life and career.

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Aeona helps you take a step forwards on your journey to where you want to be. Live event on resilience, including Confidence as one of the vital pillars of resilience.


Why should you attend?

Confidence is something you can learn and you get it by taking action. Our programme gives you the process and practical tools to be more confident. When you raise your confidence, you raise your game not only in your career but in all parts of your life. You deserve it. What is it worth to you? What difference will it make for you - in work and out of work?

Despite all the regulation around equality, there is still a huge disparity between women and men at work. Women now tend to get better results in school and university, but in the workplace, men are often more successful, and women become a minority in more senior management, executive and board roles. Researchers conclude that confidence lies at the root of many typical differences in behaviour that play a part and also contributes to the gender pay gap. Do you recognise any of these behaviours in yourself? Are you holding yourself back? Do you want that to change? If so, this programme is for you.

Live event on resilience, including Confidence as one of the vital pillars of resilience

Who else has done it and why?

Some of the work roles that other professional women have held when they did the Confidence Programme

  • business owner
  • education - curricular manager
  • finance analyst
  • product analyst
  • senior analyst
  • lawyer
  • manager
  • banking manager
  • customer strategy manager
  • director
  • business start-up
  • council manager
  • project manager

Why did they join the programme?

  • To be better at managing people in areas which are not my specialism.
  • To feel more comfortable and better at dealing with difficult staff and conflict.
  • To get strategies to replace anxiety with a calmer approach to the job.
  • I know I hold myself back because of my lack of confidence but I don't know how to change it.
  • I would like to find confidence to take decisions on my career, or even change and move outside of my current career if I decide to do that. I am in a bit of a rut at the moment.
  • I want to be able to manage stakeholders better.
  • I want to identify the 'triggers' that make me struggle with self confidence and anxiety, and come up with a better toolkit for dealing with them.
  • I would welcome the opportunity to meet others in the same boat as me and learn about how they are tackling their challenges.
  • I want to be better able to switch off from work, and feel less emotional about it. I want to learn to pace myself and sleep better and not think of work at 4am.
  • I want to be able to deal with my fears about needing to be consistent in the face of an inconsistent environment.
  • I would like to write the business case for developing a new department which I will be head of. I want to be more confident to propose it to my company and establish it.
  • I would like to make sure that I am up for the challenge and not just think I am.
  • I have a real fear of public speaking, which I have to do from time to time and I can have really unhelpful and confidence crushing thoughts.
  • I'm very dedicated to my career and want to advance further.
  • I've recently returned to work after maternity leave and took up a promoted role in the organisation. Outwardly I probably appear quite confident as I have a good position but I want to invest in something to help me believe in myself more.

Some examples of what they did afterwards...

  • The work on values has helped me make some really big decisions about how to shape my career, and feel confident I'm making the right choice.
  • I used the anchoring technique last week to keep me calm and focused during a difficult staff conversation, which went much better than usual.
  • My job has been transferred to a new building, team and manager. We met at an away-day. I used the anchoring technique as it was a nervous situation for me, and I actually felt calm - it was almost the same as being with my old team who I'd worked with for eight years.
  • I've been consciously celebrating what I usually overlook or take for granted. It's making a big difference.
  • I realised I've been putting my own creative interests at the bottom of the pile. Now I'm making time for it and feel great.
  • I've realised that I've been making choices when I didn't think I had a choice! Now I can see more choices.
  • I feel so much more positive and as a result have had hardly any downtime.
  • I've been able to speak up when I find it uncomfortable to say what I think. I'm not afraid of offending anyone, or saying the wrong thing. I feel confident enough in my thoughts.
  • I felt confident when I had to address an audience and all eyes were on me, and I could have eye contact.
  • I've dealt with conflict with a manager in a centred, professional manner.
  • I've had a conversation with my boss about promotion and a salary raise, which I never had the confidence to do before. Now I've been able to put into words what I'm bringing to my work and how I make a difference, and why I am capable to step up.

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The Confidence for Professional Women programme

This programme is for women leaders, managers, executives, business owners and freelancers in all sectors:
benefit from the diversity of thought, backgrounds and experiences shared among programme members.

Focus on confidence in work
Refreshments and Lunch included
Highly participative and fun in a safe, informal, supportive and interactive environment
Gives you tools and knowledge to gain confidence and increase your leadership presence at work
Online self-study programme plus 5 live group coaching webinars.


Live event on resilience, including Confidence as one of the vital pillars of resilience Confidence is about your mindset - in this programme you can train your brain to be confident. Healthy confidence means you accurately assess your ability to do something (whether it is a task or relation to other people or about change, risk and uncertainty) and that knowledge instils assurance and a positive emotion for you to be your best self. The more accurate your assessment, the more successful you will be in each undertaking, which positively reinforces your healthy confidence and resilience. How much would you like to achieve that?



Live events with small groups at Melville CastleJoin this programme and find out how to be confident in a way that suits you and is your fuel for action. Learn how to get your brain in the right frame of mind. We focus on confidence in the workplace but it will also have a positive effect on your life in general.



This programme includes three strands, which we start on the full day live session and continue over the online self-study programme with five live coaching webinars (usually one per week). Becoming confident involves creating good habits, so the extended period gives you the chance to create momentum and be confident consistently.


1. Mindset. Confidence is part of your mindset. So what gets your brain in the right frame of mind to act? Recent developments in neuroscience have provided evidence to show the connection of mind and body. We explore what you can do to influence your brain’s chemistry and emotions, so you can train your brain to be confident and more resilient.


2. Knowledge and self-awareness. Self-assurance comes from being comfortable with yourself and that starts with truly knowing yourself and what you stand for. We include many tools and exercises for you to deeply know this. You don’t need to be loud and display all your accomplishments to the world, and show off. You just have to know and feel a quiet pride and let your body language speak for itself.


3. Assessing. The programme includes tools so you are grounded and rational in your assessment of your capabilities – so your assessment accurately matches your true ability and you build a healthy confidence. Knowing your assessment is accurate reassures you that you are not being over confident or arrogant, and helps you stop underplaying your capabilities, so you can truly achieve your full potential.

Live event on resilience, including Confidence as one of the vital pillars of resilience Aeona helps you take a step forwards on your journey to where you want to be


Confidence puts the sparkle
and fizz in your life.



Confidence gives you the power to do more
and to do it better.



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This is an inspiring and fun day where you try out different tools and techniques that you can easily build into your life to gain the confidence you desire. You work with Sue and each other, sharing experiences, perspectives and learnings to enhance your knowledge and use of the tools. At the end of the day you will have created your own personal action plan including the key factors for when you feel confident, the key elements you want to change and choosing the tools that work best for you to build your confidence and presence.

What really makes the difference, however, is putting it all into practice and developing a new habit of being confident. That’s why you get the follow up with the online webinars and development programme, so you can become naturally confident.


Live event on resilience, including Confidence as one of the vital pillars of resilience

By the end of this programme you will be able to:

  • Know what confidence means to you and the impact it has, and could have for you, at work and in your life.
  • Know yourself – your values, your strengths, your working style, your motivators.
  • Know and articulate the strengths and value that you bring to the workplace.
  • Know what makes you flourish.
  • Create your inspiring vision for your life and your career (and your business if you have your own business).
  • Define your purpose both personally and organisationally - and understand the importance to increase your confidence, gravitas and personal and professional impact.
  • Recognise what drains your confidence and how to manage your state so you can be confident.
  • Overcome nerves and self doubt when you’re outside your comfort zone.
  • Feel more courageous and achieve more in your life by seizing opportunities before they pass you by.
  • Feel more motivated and positive when you’re under pressure.
  • Feel more in control of your life and find a healthy work/life balance.
  • Change your perception of failure and value the feedback and learning opportunities.
  • Choose and regularly practice the confidence building techniques that work best for you. Including being able to work to your strengths, connect with your passions and manage your self talk.
  • Start being the confident person you really want to be – confident in yourself, confident as a leader and confident in your work and/or business.
  • Believe you CAN and Dare to do it.

Aeona helps you take a step forwards on your journey to where you want to be

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What does it cover? This is a life changing programme including a full day highly interactive workshop and continuing online group coaching with:


  • Pre-programme Activity: start some self-awareness raising tools so that you gain even more benefit during the workshop.
  • Learning practical tools, tips and techniques for improving your confidence, with practical daily activities to train your confident mindset.
  • Understanding confidence is a state of mind and a feeling, or emotion and the way to learn confidence involves learning to change the ways you think, feel and do things.
  • Understanding growth mindset and positive thinking.
  • Recognising when you hold limiting beliefs and how to reframe them.
  • Knowing what triggers your lack of confidence.
  • What to do when you feel you are lacking confidence – how to stop your doubts, weaknesses and limiting beliefs dragging you down.
  • How to create a confident state when you lack confidence.
  • Supporting confidence through body language, tone, words and appearance.
  • How you can continue to develop your confidence through your personal action plan.

The Build Your Confidence Online Programme includes

  • your private online account with learning tools, coaching questions and videos, to which you retain access for at least nine months after the live webinars are completed. (In practise, your private account membership is continued for as long as we subscribe to the account platform.)
  • five weekly group coaching live webinars to sustain your motivation and inspiration. 1.5hr live webinars at 12.30-2pm (UK time, see dates below) which are recorded for you to experience again or catch up if you can't make the live session.

Continue the programme to become consistently confident from the comfort of your own home - no need to travel into Edinburgh. Make the most of your private online account, all the tools and techniques, and five interactive live webinars, where you can share your progress and ask questions, to keep you motivated and create momentum to be consistently confident.

Creating momentum is vital for building confidence and that's why we include the online programme. We REALLY want you to succeed and this will help you create positive habits for being more confident.

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Places are limited to 12 because we are working at a in-depth level, to ensure you get most benefit from the programme and group dialogue.

40% discounted rate when you book by 14th September

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Confidence for Professional Women


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Live Event
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Confidence for Professional Women - midweek
20 Sept 2016
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25 Sept 2016
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Board Confidence
In-House programmes
Please contact us to arrange a programme

Venues: Live Event - Melville Castle, near Edinburgh, EH18 1AP           Webinars - your computer at your place

Fees - include access to your online programme for a minimum of 9 months.
Early bird rate: 20% discount £309.60 + VAT = £371.52
Standard rate £387 + VAT = £464.40
Special offer 40% discounted rate = £278.64 including VAT when you pay online or sign up from this webpage by 14 September.


Aeona helps you take a step forwards on your journey to where you want to be

Email Sue on info@aeona.co.uk if you have any questions.


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Live events with small groups at Melville Castle


Some testimonials

A taste of what others have said about attending Sue’s training events and programmes. The average rating in our feedback forms for the Confidence for Professional Women programme is 3.9 out of 4, where 4 is 'excellent'.

"I liked the interactional activities and thinking on your feet. Learning the anchoring technique was the highlight for me and I will incorporate it and other points from the workshop in my daily life."

"The discussion sessions worked well for me and I found the values exercise most interesting. I will try to be more aware and use the power poses in future to be more confident."

"All of the 'Confidence for Business Women' workshop was good and useful. This was the first time I understood the notion of values and relation to beliefs and the relation of beliefs to wellbeing. Transforming negative beliefs was particularly useful. What will I do differently as a result of today's workshop? I will think with my heart and notice more where I am making myself believe a lie."

"This programme was very relevant for me in my job and career. I liked the insight into the physical and emotional reaction, and the small group / group exercises format. Developing the anchor technique and the positive mindset was very helpful for me and I will use them in future to choose to be more confident."

"I found the ideas and exercises most useful, especially the tools to change and practice being more confident. I will now be more aware of body language and conscious thinking, and work out my values to help make choices."

"I found the skills for improving control and visualisation most useful. The positive aspects part of confidence made me realise I've got more to give than I thought."

"I found the body language awareness most useful especially about the image it presents and power poses. I liked having the techniques to think positively and confidently. As a result of today's workshop I will be more conscious of my language and self talk, to make sure I have confident thoughts."

"I liked the exercises and having time to think about things."

"The whole thing worked well for me and I thought the small group worked well."

"I enjoyed the interactive exercises and will keep a stronger focus on the positive, not let recent events shadow my natural nature."

"Lovely laid back approach."

"Really enjoyed the discussions."

"Found it most useful to take time to reflect on what is causing stress, and planning, building confidence. I will now plan ahead to be prepared for difficult situations and try to look at stressful situations from a different angle."

"Very well organised and allowed room for us to contribute."

"Really enjoyed the workshop and got a lot out of it. eg: identifying that I would like to set new goals and the need for self-recognition and identifying when to accept praise. I will have a more focused, positive outlook on life – work is not everything!"

"It is really good to get a reminder of our awareness. The workshop was well delivered and having to answer questions and think about things I don't know the answer to worked well for me."

“Working with values was enjoyable and at the same time challenging to make myself really think it through. This is all helping me be much clearer on what I want to do and how I am making decisions."

“The relaxed atmosphere of the session and the confidence of the speaker made it work well. I enjoyed the learning experience and sharing of ideas within the group."

Live events with small groups at Melville Castle"The resources available and the course notes / workbooks were very comprehensive."

"I have more confidence and am more effective in my role in general as a result of the course. I liked the opportunity to meet colleagues from different areas of the organisation and sharing experiences and learning new skills."

"It helped me think in a different way."

"I found it interesting speaking with other people about their views/experiences. Now I want to realise my own goals and try to get there."

"I liked the varied activities – interaction with other members of the group / accepting praise. What I will do differently as a result of today's workshop: put plans in place to achieve goals."

"Found the whole motivating and refreshing."

"Excellent detail and open group discussions."

"A reminder of how much we can affect change in our lives."


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